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Abongile Mazula

Abongile Mazula  is a grade eight student at Fezeka High School in Gugulethu. Abongile lives with her mother, two sisters and three cousins. She is satisfied with her education here at school and wants to be a nurse because she likes helping people. She wants to live a good life with her family, husband and children.

Her best friend is Thandolwethu and she is trustworthy and honest person. She is a friend who can help with problems and not gossip about or make fun of people.

She likes that her family are helpful and they are united at home. She doesn’t like it when people laugh at her and call her funny names when she gives a wrong answer in class.


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Lilitha Mnyute

Lilitha Mnyute is thirteen years old in grade eight at Fezeka. She knows how to speak Xhosa and English. She wants to be a pilot when she grows up so she can make money for her family. She doesn’t want to have children because she thinks she won’t have time for them. She likes Nicki Minaj, Beyonce and Drake because they are people who have stuck to what they want to do.

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Anele Masiza

My name is Anele Masiza. I live in Gugulethu with my mother and two sisters. I enjoy soccer with my friends but I spend most of my time with school work, so I don’t get to see them a lot. A lot of young people are on facebook and mixit but I don’t like that because it disrupts the mind. I would like to start swimming and I hope to join the EWB photography group.

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Mapule Njobeni

My name is Mapule Njobeni. I am 15 years old and I come from the Transkei. I grew up in Worcester, but now I live in Gugulethu with my grandmother, uncle and cousins. I enjoy learning Maths and English with the EWB teachers. I also enjoy playing soccer and basketball at my club. I would like to be a doctor so I can help people. I think in the world we are living in now, it is very important to know about AIDS. I am very grateful for my best friend who supports me with everything in my life.

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Ngekwazi Ngumbane

My name is Ngekwazi Ngumbane and I am 14 years old. I live with my mother, grandmother, aunt and niece. We originally come from East London in the Eastern Cape. I am a very quiet and shy person who does not like to argue much. In my spare time I like to listen to music, read magazines and with my mother, watch TV programs that are based on the law. My role model is Judge Matthew because he is someone who likes to help people, has a great sense of humour, interprets people well and believes in the truth. I would like to be a lawyer like him so I can help people whose rights have been violated and cannot speak for themselves.

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The grade 8’s last year were asked to write a little about what they saw for themselves and what they wanted out of their future. This materialized into vision boards. This is Khayakazi’s vision board which will hopefully inspire us and continue to inspire her to keep reaching for her dreams.

  • Writing
  • Reading
  • University of Cape Town
  • To become a lawyer
  • To have a big house
  • Get a degree
  • Change my family’s situation
  • study hard
  • To become a volunteer
  • focus on my studies
  • Respect those around me
  • No dating whilst I’m still young

This also includes the list of things, Khayakazi must do in order to achieve her goals, such as Study hard, read more of everything, books, newspapers focus on their studies. this one pertains to Khayakazi’s dreams but this includes all of EwB students, in order to succeed one must work hard, be dedicated and have passion.

For the love of the kids, for the love of English,


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Education is the foremost thing required, because without it only defeats are acquired.

Education is a life-sustaining material, without it we can’t lead a life which is filled with knowledge.

Education, a person can stand on her own two feet, it helps a person fight their foes  and be defeated.

Education helps us to distinguish between what is right and what is wrong.

Education is like ping-pong.

Education is the key to success!


Khayakazi Magwaca

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