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Guys, keep up the great writing and poetry!

Developing your writing skills, sharing your voice, expressing yourselves, these are the tools to a promising future!

Being able to write and communicate are not only critical tools to a good job, they also open doors to further education after Fezeka.


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Poaching our Future

Several stories have been shaping South African news over the past few months. The strikes and mining violence continues to dominate the news scene, and presents a serious threat to the future political and economic stability of Southern Africa. Another story is the worsening European economic crisis that continues to drag economic growth in Southern Africa, a region heavily dependent on trade with the EU Zone. Other issues, such as the ongoing leadership battle within the ANC, further adds to a mix of uncertainty in a region still emerging from years of Apartheid, and now entangled in one party ANC rule, with limited alternative leadership options.


In Vancouver, a visit by Cape Town’s most famous resident, Desmond Tutu has caught local news. Mr. Tutu, has be in Vancouver to talk with Native youth about education and the role of youth in building a better world. Education without Borders bridges these two issues – Our Eagles of Tomorrow program with Native youth in Vancouver, and our education programs with women and young people in Cape Town.

Mr Tutu was in Vancouver on the 18th Vancouver, addressing young people at the We Day, an event that focuses on dealing with bullying and violence amongst young people. To read more, http://www.straight.com/article-814986/vancouver/nba-star-magic-johnson-shares-antibullying-message-we-day-vancouver.


Another issue that continues to grab headlines in South Africa, is as much a part of the heritage left for the region’s young people, as it is a statement of values in an Africa dependent on Asia and the Pacific Rim. The rise of China, Vietnam, and other Asian economies threatens the survival of some of Africa’s most treasured resources, rhinos, elephants, lions, and cheetahs, the target of poachers and corrupt park officials.


Rhinos, of which there remain under 30,000 in Africa, are being poached in unsustainable numbers for the Catholic Church (who uses ivory for the carving of effigies and church relics), and for growing numbers of wealthy Asian males who consume ivory and animal body parts, believing they increase sexual virility and health. The senseless slaughter will likely mean most of the animals will disappear in the near future, as they did in the Middle East and parts of Europe. The ongoing slaughter means young people in South Africa and around the world will be forever deprived of the region’s greatest treasures. http://edition.cnn.com/2012/10/17/world/africa/south-africa-rhino-killings/index.html?hpt=hp_t3


Political upheaval, economic uncertainty, changing of the guard, and environmental degradation are pressing realities in South Africa. They all share one common solution: education. An educated youth means increased financial literacy, greater political participation, and more respect for the environment; furthermore, long term decline in birth rates, accompanied with increased life spans are typical of more educated middle class societies. Supporting organizations such as Education without Borders and Golden Bells Cricket gets right to the root of these pressing issues.










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Hi, my name is Esethu Bhuthelezi. I live in Gugulethu, I grew up in a caring and loving home.

I joined the EwB ‘YES YOU CAN’ programme because I wanted to improve my knowledge in Maths and English. now that I am in the programme I have learnt many things, e.g. how to take care of the things you have and respect each and every person, even if the person is not family.

This programme made me set what type of life I want to have as I grow up. first of all I would like to thank my beloved parents whao gave me their support to join the programme and i would also like my tutors especially Alex, Vimbai, Joy and Dakalo.

Being a child in these times, it is very good because we have more experience about what to do and what not to do.

There is something i found very important is having something or someone to hold onto.  i once found myself in a dark way and some people who care for me showed me a light.

In life people do need education, because education, is a key to success. At Fezeka high there are many things that you can achieve because of their support and courage. At Fezeka high is a place where my teachers are like parents and learners like brothers and sisters.

Joining this programme is like closing the missing puzzles in my life and there are two important people who i’d like to thank, Vimbai and Joy, they have been my missing puzzle in my life, now that they are here my life has changed.

This is one of the essays the children were asked to write. This one is very touching, Esethu who I have met personaly is a beautiful young girl with so much potential. It is my honour to work with individuals as eager and humble, also the not so eager and humble, to create a change in someones heart is something truly amazing.

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There is no easy way to success

I am a whole on my own

meaning I need no one

to complete me.


Life is too short to maintain

toxic relationships

We should stay close

to our family because

when life gets tough

they’ll be your refuge


I’ll never understand how

we find it so hard to be

happy for on another

We don’t reach success at

the same time and we

shouldn’t let our relationships

suffer because of this


In fact we should rejoice

with our successful friends

and family.

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My name is Esethu Buthelezi. I was born in Cape Town. I  am 15 years old I was born in 1997 June 27. I live with my parents and my two brothers and my sister in Gugulethu RJ Soutney NY61 NO 19.  My mother is a very loving person. She always teaches me how to think in a good way and she always supports me even with bad things. My father is a good man. I love having him around as my father but sometimes he does not talk too much about his past.

What I like about my family is that we all share different things as a family, but what is boring is that when we have a topic about being a teenager I share with my parents but they do not share what being a teenager was like for them. I like to talk about how and when my mother and father met, they share but very little and they don’t want to tell me what they enjoy about being parents to four beautiful children.

I really hate that I do don’t know my father’s father and my mother’s father. They both died. My father’s father died when I was 6 months old and my mother’s father died in 2007. I was  11 years old.

I love some poems but I love those with rhyming works but I think I am not good at writing poems. When I grow up, I want to be a doctor. I want to be Dr Buthelezi. I do have some beautiful dreams for my future. I also have beautiful dreams for my family. I love maths and I understand it. I can see dreams coming true.

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Hi, All

it’s me again, very passionate about the sports field and all that goes on, on it. I have been playing sports for probably more than half my life, I think it’s a great way to not only to show case the talent that you can’t in the classroom but also a chance to get some endorphins (happy hormones) running in your system.

Today I’d like to share with you, a poem that one of the learners wrote about sports. I found it quite inspiring and hope you do too. this poem was written by Priscilla Hlahatsi a grade 9 pupil.

The sports are fun!!

come let’s go and play sports.

if you are interested in playing well let me tell you something

sports is a great Aerobic

it will keep the brain healthy

so that it can think properly

Oh! how can I forget the heart

she is so happy to hear about sports!!

can I join too said the legs

Arms said, me too! me too!

come let’s go and play im so happy said the elbows!

this is the fun thing to do

I’m so excited said the body

because everyone in the house is interested  to play sports!!

then the body begins to have to love the sports…

I do hope that this piece of creative writing opens up a small place in your hearts, just knowing what a difference you have made in at least one persons life and we thank you for all the support and love.

for the love of kids, for the love of sports.

Mali Nxumalo




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Hi, my name is Mali Nxumalo. A new and exciting addition to the EwB team, I’m very excited to be working with this company.  Today I’m going to be sharing with you a little about something I’m very passionate about. The EwB English programme  I love the English language, and have always found it as such an asset within my education. I particularly enjoy having the opportunity to express myself and my feelings, through my writing.

The English programme had the grade 8’s last year talk about their dreams, and goals. Creating their vision boards and expressing why they chose them.  The little girl I’m going to mention today is Esethu  Buthelezi. She is in grade 9 this year, she expresses why she joined the programme.

Q:  why did I join this programme?

A: “to have fun with other people and share my values and ideas. To gain experience about life skills and other learning areas.”

Q: what changes did the programme  make, with ,me or my life?

A: “it made me think about what kind of person I want to be in my life”

This is just a slight extract of the kind of reflective questions the Ewb children are asked to address and  think about.  I particularly enjoyed reading this because it gave me some insight into the children and their thought processes.  This is a very small  part of what the English programme helps the children do, teaching them to construct essays, reflective thinking,  equipping the learners to reflect their feelings. which is an important part of growing their English capabilities.

For the love of children, For the love of English

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