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Kucki Low’s Team

A new team of bloggers is joining Ubuntu! Stay tuned for more…

Kucki Low, South African Airway’s first female airline pilot is sponsoring a new team of bloggers on Ubuntu. Stay tuned for their posts to Ubuntu under the user name “KuckiTeam”



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One of the biggest challenges facing any non-rofit volunteer NGO like ours is fundraising. An NGO like EwB does not have the resources to engage professional fundraisers – anyway this is not our focus, nor our mission. Our objective is to deliver as much help to Gugulethu kids, with as low an administration cost as possible.

One project we have been mulling over at EwB is to produce a coffee table photo book – both a digital and paper version. This photobook would contain poems, short essays, and amazing photographs taken by kids enrolled in our programs. Another idea I’ve been chewing on while I’ve been living here in Israel is to make this book more multimedia and interactive. How about including links to videos, music, and visual art?

A digital book makes this easy to do; however, even a paper one can have QR codes linking to EwB music -yes no more CD’s… (1)

Now imagine having a book like this in your hand! A tool to talk about an NGO you support, and a medium to give to your friends in exchange for their donations.


(1) What is a QR Code – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/QR_code

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