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A number of volunteer run NGO’s like Education without Borders are active in South Africa, and many of them share a common problem:  access to fundraising.

At EwB fundraising has for many years come from donors in Canada, in particular Vancouver; however, as the South African diaspora ages, these sources will become increasingly difficult to draw from. Logically funding from first generation diaspora is easier to source, but what about second and third generations? Will they feel as attached to South Africa?

The key for future funding lies in South Africa, from local corporate and private donors. As mentioned in previous blog posts, South Africa has substantial infrastructure, a host of medium and large corporations, and no shortage of middle class and upper class populations who have the resources to support NGO’s such as EwB, the question is how to reach out to these groups. This is where diaspora – immigrant South Africans of all generations can play a major role.

South African immigrants have a vast network of friends, family, and former employers who they can ask to help fund EwB projects.  Tools like facebook and skype make this possible because they allow immigrants to remain connected to friends and family back in South Africa.

One particular example of the success of diaspora driven funding is the work by Paula Phillips and Iam Hlompho. Paula lives in Vancouver, and Iam is in Soweto. The two of them have used the power of social media to create a local registered non-profit foundation in South Africa to raise funds for cricket development in Soweto. The organization, called the Golden Bells Cricket Development, provides youth (girls and boys 6-14)  with free access to after school cricket and meals. Through cricket, Iam works with youth to provide them with team, leadership, and life skills. Most of the funds for Golden Bell Cricket comes from local South African donors who have been called upon by diaspora to provide materials and funds. To learn more about Golden Bells Cricket, visit https://www.facebook.com/groups/360136927364805/.

Another NGO of interest is Communiversity. Unlike EwB and Golden Bells, this NGO focuses on young people who are beyond school age, but who lack skills to find employment in South Africa’s economy. The objective of this NGO is provide accessible and affordable post-school education. Students in the program pay a low cost fee for courses; however, upon completion of their studies they receive full reimbursement. Costs are kept low by using existing unused infrastructure provided by South Africans in South Africa. To learn more, visit http://www.cidafoundation.org/.

EwB’s donor model is under constant evolution. Unable to make donations yourself? You can play a part by talking to your friends and family about NGO’s such as EwB, Golden Bell’s Cricket, and Communiversity. By involving South African’s in our charities, not only can we  reach out to more young people, but we can also get more South Africans talking and working together to solve the country’s problems.



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