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Education without Borders received a recent update from Tanya Arshamian, the assistant artistic director at Cape Town’s ikapa Dance Theatre.

ikapa Dance Theatre is one of Education without Borders’ local partners in the Cape area. They deliver training and outreach programs to bring dance and theatre activities to schools in the Cape Town area. A total of 15-20 students from Songeze Middle School and Fezeka Secondary participate in the program, which has allowed them to develop their dance skills and to take part in a number of dance productions.

Students took part in a four day day-camp at in Stellenbosch hosted by the Department of Cultural and Sports Affairs. The camp included workshops in arts, music, and drama, and allowed Songeze and Fezeka students to interact with other students from across the Western Cape.

Theatre and the arts are important media for youth to express themselves and to learn essential life skills. Education without Borders, ikapa Dance Theatre and the students appreciate the support of volunteers and donors in making this happen!


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