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Education without Borders has many supporters who have been instrumental in raising funds for projects at our two schools in Cape Town Gugulethu.

Joanne Smith, a long time supporter of EwB, recently held another fundraiser event at her home, where she invited Dr. Dennis Glauber to give a presentation on “Shakespeare and Opera”.  Dennis Glauber lived in South Africa in the 1960’s and was well known as the National Radio Quiz Champion. He moved to Seattle, in the Pacific Northwest of the United States, in the 1970’s, and has a lecture series of a wide range of operatic topics.

The event was a huge success  and raised $1000 for EwB activities.  Feedback from guests was very positive, including this from Carol:

“Thanks you so much for that lovely evening last week with with your friend Dennis.  I thoroughly enjoyed his presentation, particularly the South African production of Othello compared with Otello.  I love that opera, but it was wonderful hearing Shakespeare the way it should be spoken, slow delivery so we could relish every word, and the enunciation absolutely perfect. ” – Carol

This event is an example of how it is possible for you to organize activities with your friends to fundraise for Education without Borders.

How about having friends over for tea? A morning walk and coffee? A small potluck dinner? Simple and small social events with donations of just a few dollars a person add up quickly – you’d be surprised! And donating the funds you collect is easy, just visit: – http://www.canadahelps.org/CharityProfilePage.aspx?CharityID=83035



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